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 Post subject: Ep 1 Senate Guard WIP
PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:48 am 

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Hello Fellow Costumers and Star Wars People

I've been interested in doing the Episode one Senate Guard since I saw the Movie when it came out! This will be my 3rd SW Costume behind Kylo and Krennic. To stick with my K's I'll Be referring to this costume as Kevin. Kevin Will has been a HUGE pain in the butt for the past 6 months, but is FINALLY coming to light.

First step in any costume is researching the coolest parts and get them completed ASAP as to hopefully stay motivated enough to finish in a timely fashion (for me this was the helmet with that FREAKING AWESOME head mustache [also known as a Mohawk] {or Trojan Main}). ANYWAYS! Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a Helmet that was suitable for the movie accurate precision that I wanted, I decided I would tackle this from scratch.

As I do not have a HUGE working space or experience making Helmets from scratch, I found a product Called Hydrospan 100 which grows to 61% its original size when soaked in water for a while. I would sculpt a 1/6 scale model out of clay and GROW it like Dr. Frankenstein and raise this Monster from the dead! To it's Demise and many attempts, I was unsuccessful. P.S. It was a great product and will have many uses in the future. Here are some cool pics of that Failure. ... ed-public/

My next Idea was to 3d Scan my sculpt, scale it up, then 3d print it in a glorious triumph. To bad I have never used a CAD software... And after about two months of frustration, I decided to hire someone to do that for me. I found someone to 3d scan, looked great, but once I got it into a CAD larger format and put it up next to the Reference pics, I started noticing the major differences from the movie used props. I again had to start from scratch. ... ed-public/

(This part is a LONG story for another day) but to make it short, I gave my 3d scan to a person on a 3d printing group who claimed he could do the work I needed in a CAD model and mirror the reference pics for a great price. To bad for me, he downloaded a free file from the thingiverse and tried to sell that STL file to me. After calling him out on his stupid shenanigans and being harassed by him for 3 weeks to pay him for his superior knowledge of how to steal other peoples work, I DID NOT pay him and he went away (hopefully for good) lol ... ed-public/

I THEN found a reputable site for hiring CAD modeling persons, and found my guy! He modeled the crap out of my 3d scan, made some MAJOR modifications, and between the 6 different screen used helmets I could find reference pictures for, We made a DAMN good Replica 3D model. (which I may or may not make available to you all if you ask nicely and this is all said and done.)

SO TO YOU ALL! Here is the beginning of my WORK IN PROGRESS! Thank you for following along and giving me some suggestions and help along the way.
Not perfect, but close.. And it's going to have removable mohawks to to EP.1 and 3 Hawks.. Totally cool. ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/

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 Post subject: Re: Ep 1 Senate Guard WIP
PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:40 am 
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I do like the nice option of Switching out the mohawks. I have one that is a fiberglass kit.

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